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Hello dear friend!!! I am very glad that you looked at my page)) Welcome and have a good time! And now I will tell you a few facts about myself and answer the questions that were here. 1.From an early age I love to be creative, the first is drawing, I did it everywhere and even in all lessons, so at school I had bad grades lol, I dreamed of becoming a clothing designer, and most of all I loved to draw sexy girls in strange clothes, so I graduated from art school). 2. I get an orgasm from music! I don't know where it came from, but I'm very pleased with this skill: the eyes close voluntarily, breathing becomes deeper, the upper part of the head strains for a few seconds, and the inner part of the ear is pleasantly deafening, the muscles involuntarily contract throughout the body, and then completely relax to the maximum, like after orgasm))) Therefore, I am constantly looking for new songs and press the repeat button. 3. My first orgasms were so long ago that I do not remember how old I was then, I learned to contract the muscles of the vagina and squeeze the clitoris with my legs, I tried not to be noticed, but my older sister once saw for this and I was punished, I was ashamed , but the thirst for new pleasures grew exponentially. I think you guessed that I like)hihi Questions that were here when filling out the page: 1. The meaning of life: Everyone wants to satisfy their needs (this is anything: delicious food or food in general, someone wants a family and ren, someone wants a lot of girls or guys, group sex, someone Oscar, get a dog, become successful and famous, help those in need, have a lot of money, be in power, be healthy, be beautiful, get an education, take care of your loved ones ... ... and much more, everything for inner satisfaction, when the goal is achieved, new needs and desires appear and so on , therefore, I believe that the meaning of life is the desire to find a sense of happiness again and again, to get what you want, not forgetting to live "here and now." 2.Craziest Thing I've Ever Done: d from a ninth floor window ahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha 3. Favorite films: I'll start with comedies ^^ Borat (2006)(2020) Bruno (2009) Grant Hotel Budapest (2014) The Brand New Testament (2015) Clerks (1994) Knives Out (2019) Parasites (2019) Pulp Fiction (1994) Beautiful bones (2009) The Fifth Element (1997) -> Favorite hood Movie Memoirs of a Geisha (2005) -> I really like this movie The Princess Diaries (2001) In Time (2011) Stormy Night (2017) serials: The Walking Dead (2010) Vikings (2013) Westworld (2016) I love biographical films and documentaries, this is my mania, the list is very long, I will not even write, who is interested to get to know me better, only my good friends know this list))